We are all physical, mental and spiritual athletes, performing and living at a certain level or the other. The resources needed to maintain  health, overcome effects of disease and injuries, and re-integrate and heal ourselves are already within us.   We are all affected by environment, diet, exercise, sports or lifestyles, breath, mental and emotional factors. The timeless knowledge and practical wisdom of yoga and ayurveda help us make intelligent choices for self-healing, improving performance and restoring balance.

                                                                                                       Who is The Ayurvedic Athlete?

Re-integrate. Heal.

What is it like to live and win from the inside out?
Are you aware of your breathing and would you like to learn how to use it to enhance performance, reduce fatigue and live life mindfully?
Have you wondered why you get sick? What have you figured to feel better?
Have you thought how certain foods nourish your mind and body and keep you happy?
Have you mapped out a lifestyle and diet appropriate for your body type to keep yourself balanced?

I focus on helping adults, junior, amateur and recreational athletes interested in fitness and health for life by offering ayurvedic lifestyle counseling which includes psychology, nutrition, exercises, routines and customized yoga practices.  Click here for services offered. 

Health, sport and life are all processes. By addressing the complete physical, biochemical, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual aspects I help you to bring more conscious awareness to your life process so you can heal, re-integrate and achieve balance.

5 spices to improve digestion

1. Ginger
Ginger is a good digestive, helps with bloating, cramps, clears blocked channels, arteries. Dried ginger with tea helps increase appetite, mitigates arthritic and joint pain and fevers. Dried ginger with honey is effective for colds/flus. Use fresh ginger with salt and lemon for indigestion and to improve taste.
2. Garlic
It is very therapeutic and invigorating for the heart. It removes blocked toxins from the blood and lymph. It improves blood circulation and acts as a natural aspirin.
3. Turmeric
It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotic and helps purify the blood, strengthens digestion, promotes proper metabolism, balancing excesses and deficiencies, and helps digest protein. ½ tsp in warm cup of milk prevents allergies.
4. Cumin
Cumin stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes to help with proper digestion and nutrient assimilation. It is anti-carcinogenic and a wonderful spice for digestive disorders.
5. Coriander
Coriander is a good remedy for many digestive tract and urinary disorders. It is a very cooling spice so helps with hyperacidity, burning stomach, sore throat and indigestion. The juice of the fresh leaves can work for allergies.